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I've decided to take the plunge and have created a Patreon account for images I do not feel particularly comfortable poting on dA, or just plainly don't fit ToS. NSFW kind of thing. ;)

The more interest the page gets the more art will be created for it.

Rebel(space)X is the user name and the user ID is /user?u=660695
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An increasingly bloated and disorganised runtime led me to a particularly rash act. I deleted the entire My Library folder content to streamline a lighter more efficient incarnation. It was only as I began re-installing my back-up files that I came to realise just what I'd done.

Not only was the delightful Amber now deceased so was every other character I'd created and saved. Mike has gone, remember him? Azure, my freckled Asian beauty and others. In addition, a lot of vendors release products without specular maps and every one that had been created has disappeared in that moment of madness, all altered textures, everything I'd ever done to ensure consistent skins and faster workflow gone!

Also, I assume, 90% of my Reality presets will be useless now as the files won't be found.

Am I happy with my (currently) super-efficient runtime. Definitely, but I do wish I'd given it a little more thought. I may have to consider a little holiday in the cupboard under the stairs for a couple of days.

Poor Amber. :D
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I recently posted a picture of 5 naked girls playing instruments in a band. A comment by skin2279 revealed to me a band from the 60's called The Ladybirds that performed topless.…

Well from there I discovered I must have been living under a rock, as I disappeared down the rabbit-hole of nudity in music. I won't be posting links to the videos as most are NSFW but you can find the pages if you so care (dare).

Here we have an all female Japanese orchestra, the music doesn't start until around 3m 40s as each lady is introduced and steps forward to strip down, in fact there is very little music but lots of naked flesh.…

More progressively the Japanese also have a rock band and I have to say they're all very cute.…

Grace Jones looking amazingly good at the age of 67 in Brooklyn just last year.

And it continued. Obviously the more modern versions are done far more for the shock factor, to get people tweeting and sharing and guess what, someone makes lots of money out of it.…

But there is one band out there that don't do it for tweets and fame. They're just clearly doing what they want to, or maybe the devil told them to? (joke)…

Unless you have a strong constitution I wouldn't bother tracking down any of their videos. Their act incorporates fisting and watersports as the mood takes them!
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You never really know what you're addicted to until you no longer have it. Last week I was working on a new scene when my display split in two, literally, the left side of the screen was bang in the centre of my monitor and the far right about 10 pixels to its left! My mouse moved off one edge of the screen and reappeared at the other. Needless to say I couldn't work like that and the display further degraded quite rapidly until I had no option but to use Windows safe mode if I wanted to do anything. (..and safe mode doesn't really let you do much of anything).

Here we are, a week to the day later and the shiny new graphics card is installed and working. Although the first few days without had, at times, a sense of loss - not being able to manipulate my willing actors and stretch my imagination - those feelings subsided to such an extent that when the new card actually arrived I was in no hurry to install it. Seems this particular addiction was but a mild one. :)
  • Listening to: My kids fighting